Friday, September 18, 2009

michelangelo IS A PARTY DUDE!

This is my second inking assignment for inking class. We had to do ballpoint portraits from the shoulders up with clouds in the background. It was hell on me. SO outside of my comfort zone. I like that about it though. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's anti-art school made me cry

So I went to Dr. Sketchy's at the wind up space, for the first time. It was overall a good time. They did quick sexy poses, the best kind.....

This little baby above won the draw with your non-dominant hand contest, the first contest of the night.We were given 5 minutes, as we we're for the other non-contest poses I posted. The only downside was that winning the contest meant I won a shot....which I could not drink.....because I am only 18 (I don't drink it was a lame prize for me) I got no prize.....


I gave my 24 year old roommate the shot instead.

...and then they had Brandon Ragnar Johnson's baby tatooville book for the next contest that I did'nt win.....forget the aforementioned joy..... emo bitterness is all I feel.....

Despite the burning anger of not having My name Ragnar Johnson's book, I will be going back to Dr. Sketchy's next week....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Black Bird

So this was my first assignment for John Malloy's studio remix: inking class. It's a great class. This assignment was just to draw something from a flickr stream he gave us, and ink it, how we normally would. 

This was my first time using my light box and i enjoyed it a lot. I stretched out the composition because I didn't quite care for the reference photo's. I am very much aware of the glaring flaw in this though. The fore ground and background aren't really separating. I'm going to explore different ways of solving that issue this fall.

He's now breaking us out of our comfort zones to teach us different techniques. This is definitely the MICA class to take for anyone wanting to draw comics.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Strongest Bite force!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm back in school now. So the blog will be updated even faster then before. 

These are excerpts from my first illustration I assignment. The assignment was to draw 100 illustrations of the same thing. I wanted to pick dinosaurs, but seeing as how I did that pretty recently I thought that would be lame. Instead I did something totally different......Alligators!

I did research on these majestic creatures of course as I was drawing. Did you know that crocodilia  have the strongest bite force of any creature on earth?.....I couldn't find out which exactly was stronger between the alligator and the's very close, but I can tell you this

They both have a bite force that's over 2000 lbs per square inch (yes....I wish it was over 9000).....

To put that in perspective...a large great white shark has about 400 lbs per square inch...

If your still wondering how EPIC that makes them......check out this!