Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking the Habit

So Sangram told me one thing I should work on is focusing on the environment of paintings as much as the figures in them. He said one thing that would be a good exercise would be doing a few environmental paintings. For me this means stepping wayyy out of my comfort zone, but it's definitely worth pursuing if I want to rock as hard as I want to at comics. 

So I decided to take on these 3 different environment types as well as palettes.

I think the good thing that can be said about these is that they are much better then I thought they would be...It helped alot to just think about the composition and palette. I learned alot of neat texture tricks on these that you should look forward to seeing in my future work.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hmph... Go-on Gold

Yea, G0-onger is an awesome show, so I did a quick fan art of go-on gold. I've got a few plans for projects to finish up before school starts. I'm going to illustrate Shin ken red from shinkenger (possibly in acrylic), finish a comic (or at least finish penciling a comic), and get a few environment focused pieces done. That should take me to the rest of the summer.

In related news, I visited Orange Element, a design firm in Baltimore to get my portfolio reviewed by the art director as well as some of the designers and interns. It went really well. They really liked my fish piece a lot and were really curious about the process behind it. It was great to know that my hard work is paying off. They also helped me realize what the unifying elements of all my art, my 'style' if you will.  I think having a better understanding of that will help me build a stronger body of work in the future.

Monday, July 13, 2009

This Ain't Sea World! THIS IS REAL AS IT GETS!!

I felt like painting fish.

This piece was an interesting experience to the end. I'm really enjoying the journey my art is taking this summer. At the same time, I really wish I could figure out how to combine my love comic art and my new found passion for painting. I guess all I can do is continue to experiment. 

I'm finding that my artistic thought process streams much more spontaneously during the summer, probably because I can focus more on the task at hand. I need to find a way of working this efficiently (preferably better) in less time. 

It's going to be interesting to see how my oil painting and inking sensibilities will change after working in photoshop exclusively for the past couple months. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More then meets the eye!

Greetings true believers, I decided to work on a subject matter that has always intimidated me a bit.... Roboto paintings!......I did it because it's something I hate to do......but I hate weakness more......

I took inspiration from this painter whose work I found at a beach gallery last week named Pino 

I was more satisfied with the painting in this piece then the drawing. The mark making and the color was about where I wanted it to be, but my draftsmanship needs to catch up.