Monday, July 20, 2009

Hmph... Go-on Gold

Yea, G0-onger is an awesome show, so I did a quick fan art of go-on gold. I've got a few plans for projects to finish up before school starts. I'm going to illustrate Shin ken red from shinkenger (possibly in acrylic), finish a comic (or at least finish penciling a comic), and get a few environment focused pieces done. That should take me to the rest of the summer.

In related news, I visited Orange Element, a design firm in Baltimore to get my portfolio reviewed by the art director as well as some of the designers and interns. It went really well. They really liked my fish piece a lot and were really curious about the process behind it. It was great to know that my hard work is paying off. They also helped me realize what the unifying elements of all my art, my 'style' if you will.  I think having a better understanding of that will help me build a stronger body of work in the future.

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R. Mock said...

And wow, sounds like your summer is turning out to be super productive! Nice!