Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gabo and Michelle

So I've been really loving photoshop as a life drawing tool as of late. I can experiment wth color and compositions and capture the information that i need in a quicker amount of time then i can by hand. I still love the feeling of traditional media far more, but it's nice to be able to get a nice colored sketch of my friends while we're just casually hanging out.

It's also great because it allows me to experiment with different palettes without wasting materials. Which is AWESOME.


Craig said...

I'm liking the palette on that second one. Some of the strokes are convincing and don't read as photoshop. But that's a scary ass face.

B.Wallz said...

yea, there's a actually a funny story behind the face, I'll have to tell you in person though. It does end up looking very much like the question's face though.

Amanda Christensen said...

I disagree with Craig about the strokes. Boo soft-edged brushes. The palette is nice, as usual. That seems to be a strength.