Monday, June 6, 2011

Fire Beast Concept Thumbnails

Hey guys I'm working on a painting of a giant fire beast, so I whipped up some thumbnails. Critique much appreciated.


Grose said...

I like number 6, it looks like a cross between a reptile and a mammal and has an exploding back!

Ashley Jackimowicz said...

I also think number six is the most interesting shape.

Yao Li said...

I think 5 and 6 are the most interesting, and show potential. The rest kind of just remind me of various pokemon. The list is as follows:

1 Ninetails
4 Rhyhorn
7 Articuno
8 Arcanine
9 Poliwhirl on steroids
10 some shit...flammable Magnemite?
11 Moltres
12 Graveler, with a severe case of Jazz Hands.

Hope this doesn't ruin them for you, man :) I think you really need to sit down with a big fat marker and intuitively work on shapes, not outlines. Remember all that Character Design taught us!

Kali Ciesemier said...

Maybe 6 7 or 8, but I'd agree with Yao and say that working these out further would be beneficial. Thinking about what sort of beast it is might help. Is it supposed to be intimidating? Or cute? Massive/small? In fire or creating fire? That can all help inform your design & feedback.